Licor Pacharan Zoco 1000 ml
  • Licor Pacharan Zoco 1000 ml

Licor Pacharan Zoco 1000 ml

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Pacharán Zoco holds the Specific Denomination of "Pacharán Navarro", which means meeting all the requirements of the Regulatory Council: quality and quantity of raw materials, production method and carrying out the entire process in Navarra. The seal of the Regulatory Council and the numbered back label of each container of Pacharán Zoco are the guarantee of a traditional product of controlled quality.

Blackthorn is the fruit of the Prunus spinosa shrub, known as blackthorn. It belongs to the plum family but is much smaller in size, smaller than cherries. It has a bluish-black color and its taste is acidic and astringent. It is not sweet, which is why it has never been eaten as a fruit.



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A 100% Navarran sloe macerated in natural anise that does not contain any other type of flavoring or coloring agents.

To obtain a pacharán of excellent quality, you must have the best sloes. Pacharán Zoco is aware of the importance of its selection and to achieve this it supervises the cultivation of its own sloes.

The maturation of the endrin will mark a large part of the quality of the pacharán. Ripe fruits provide greater intensity and quality of aroma and color, on the other hand, green fruits are very acidic and herbaceous. Pacharán Zoco controls the correct ripening of its sloes by tasting them in each of the plots from mid-August. The harvest date is set at the time when optimal maturation is reached.


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