Ancho Reyes - licor de chile picante 750 ml
  • Ancho Reyes - licor de chile picante 750 ml

Ancho Reyes - licor de chile picante 750 ml

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The liquid, resulting from the maceration, is collected from the jars and all the ingredients are mixed according to the ways in which the concoction has always been made. The mixture is left to sit to allow the flavors to meld perfectly. When the drink is ready, it is carefully bottled. Each bottle is individually inspected and then hand-labeled as tradition dictates.

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Ancho Reyes Chile is a liquor made from Puebla chili, the chili of Mexico. Not everyone knows that the highly valued poblano chili, a variety of the Capsicum annuum species, when dried in the sun, changes its color and texture, as well as its name, to become the delicious ancho chili. For its elaboration, the Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur chooses the farmers of Puebla, who take special care in the growth of their poblano peppers. After each harvest, the land needs to rest for three years before they plant more peppers again. Crop care is a full-time occupation. Poblano peppers—with their characteristic dark green color—are harvested fresh in August and September. A part of the harvest is left to mature on the plant. The chiles lose moisture, concentrating their flavors and changing color. During October and November they are harvested and dried in the sun. The delicious ancho chili has been born! Only the best ancho peppers are selected from the most reputable ranches located in the various municipalities of the Sierra de Puebla; San Martín Texmelucan being the cradle of chili. Each ancho chili is individually selected to ensure the highest quality. One by one they are cut by hand with scissors for what is to come. The ancho peppers are macerated in a cane distillate in small steel vats for half a year.


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