Vega Sicilia Valbuena 5º 750 ml - Vino Tinto
  • Vega Sicilia Valbuena 5º 750 ml - Vino Tinto

Vega Sicilia Valbuena 5º 750 ml - Vino Tinto

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Compleja y aromatica. Propone fruta madura, tanto rojas como negras. Toque hats, combined with floral and herbal recipes that bring freshness and spices.

Exquisite from its entrance. The fruity expression is combined with spicy and mineral notes, very exciting and complete. Tanino fino, acidez puntual, structured, elegante and muy placentar.Jugoso attack. The black fruits will be wrapped in the paladar with spiced and balsamic ingredients. Well-pulled tannins, acidified and structured. Intenso, deep, with a long and maravilloso finale.

Optional pairings The caza, the rib eye, the lomo, the cord and the maduros. A wine that is enjoyed very well on its own.



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Permanent for 15 years in new barrels of French 75% and 25% American. It goes through 8,500 liters of wood, for 12 months during which the coupage takes place. It culminates to a total of 5 months in large quantities before it is packaged, for a total of 32 months, but approximately 28 months (approximately) = 60 months = 5 years.

A wine that shows the splendor of each and every one from the sabiduría of the pasado and the riqueza of the present.

A lively, vehement and mature style that year to year, back to back, it is a style that reinterprets its style to maintain its essence intact.

Valbuena, is the purest expression of fine tint (tempranillo) in Vega Sicilia. The collection of varieties that conform to this magnificent wine has the fino tint of the predominant nature of its majority. The other varied examples are Merlot, which will participate in greater or lesser amounts depending on the age.

The Valbuena tempranillo is obtained from parcels located in concave sides of suave pendant that rests on the cuestas of the paramo. These are the sources of material that are eroded and accumulated as they flow into the lower sides, desarrolling a single high expression, with an important evolution concreted with the formation of a deep caloric horizon.

We show you a direct and understandable vision of the greatness of this "terroir" with the direct influence of each and every one. It is permanently developed in an unalterable way so that the climatic factors remain constant every year when they mark the differences between the distinct objects.

Fermentation at controlled temperature in stainless steel deposits with automatic fermentation. The maloláctica fermentation is also carried out in stainless steel.

After its fermentation, its paso by wood and bottle, from five years ago, from the number of Valbuena wine 5º. French and American made, new and used 225 liter barrels, 20,000 liter bottles... A long and complete process for a great wine.


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